How We Made This List of Platforms that Offer Short-Term Personal Loans for Bad Credit

How We Made This List of Platforms that Offer Short-Term Personal Loans for Bad Credit


Third-Party Service: It won’t be the end of the world if you fail to find a suitable lender on Personal Loans. The platform can still connect you with other third-party services to look for a lender. The company shows advertisements on its website, which you can check out to see if you can find a lender. That is an excellent feature, especially for individuals whose credit is far below the minimum credit score requirement.

Loan Amount and Percentage Rate: This lender platform offers generous loan amounts ranging from $1,000 to $35,000 as quickly as one business day. These loans have an annual percentage rate of 5.99% and go up to %. But the APR will be calculated based on the data you provide. But that depends on what you agree with your lender.

Accommodates Newcomers: If you are new to this online lending business and don’t know how to apply for a loan online, PersonalLoans has covered you. The platform is well reputed for welcoming newcomers. They also take customers through the loan request and repayment process. Customers can learn from a detailed knowledge base as they navigate through the website’s numerous features. So, if you have no idea what APR is or what charges are applied in case of delayed loan repayment, there are informative articles on the website that can answer all your questions.


  • Allow users to compare offers from multiple lenders
  • Easy and convenient loan request process
  • Suitable for short terms loans
  • Offers loans for numerous purposes
  • Well-known for safe and secure transactions


  • Might request a lot of personal information

Our first step was to draft a list of the most popular platforms that offer short-term loans. As expected, the list was quite extensive due to the saturation of online lenders.

The next step was to separate the good platforms from the shady ones. We went a step further and researched each platform’s efficiency, customer reviews, amounts they offer, fees and interest rates. Eventually, our list was down to only a few platforms that met our stringent standards.

We then dug deeper and narrowed down the list. We did this by scrutinizing each company to single out the best one. Our final list, which you will find later in this article, is well-researched and compiled to perfection to ensure you get the help you need.

What We Looked For

When we were looking to carve our list of online lending platforms, we focused on each platform and its services for the following:

Safety and Transparency: When applying for a loan on these platforms, you will be asked to provide your personal and banking information. As a result, each company needs to guarantee the safety and security of such sensitive data. They also need to be transparent in the services they offer and provide complete disclosure. For that reason, we made sure that each company we included incorporated the latest and most advanced encryption technology. This allows them to keep your information safe from online fraudsters. We read each company’s terms and conditions and their privacy policy to ensure they have robust security on their websites.

Company Reputation: A company’s reputation is crucial, especially when dealing with something as risky as a short-term online loan for bad credit. That is why we dug deeper to learn about each platform’s background to find out about their services and products. We were a bit skeptical about new companies, so we went for express payday loans Rossville, TN companies that had been in the business for a while. These lenders have gained good reputations for providing quality services. Reading customer reviews gave us an idea of what to expect from them. So, our list is made up of genuine platforms as the reviews showed their customers were satisfied with their services.

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